Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Welcoming Landry James Menou

Landry James Menou
7 lb 2 oz 19 inches
4:58 pm on March 14th, 2019

The morning started early. I woke with a peace that I never had through my whole pregnancy. That "peace that passeth all understanding" kinda peace and I will always be thankful for that. The car was loaded and we said a prayer leaving the driveway as we saw my parents leaving their house at the same time.

I had never so much as had an IV before this! What a day I had waiting for me. :) We were in and ready as you can be! All in all, it was a pretty stressful day. Landry's heart rate wasn't very stable, but manageable..they just kept having to shift me all around and I stayed on oxygen for the majority of the day. I was never more thankful for Philip, having his hand to hold was the best part of the day until our girl came!

We had the best waiting room crew.

and so thankful for Dr. McAlpine and the sweetest nurse that day!

Philip got to cut Landry's umbilical cord with his pocket knife, he was SO pumped!

Our sweet sweet Landry girl.


When I look at Landry, I can't imagine watching her go through the day that my mom saw me go through. There were some scary minutes of that day and looking over to the corner of the room to see her there watching, waiting, and praying made me so happy and also made me think..this has to be harder for her than it even is for me! haha

Mrs. Marlene brought the most beautiful little flower arrangement. She had everyone put a dollar in with their vote on Landry's height and weight. Of course she won the pot;) but the winnings went to Landry!

A little thank you for our nurses!

Leaving the hospital as a family of three!

We had a sweet welcome home surprise...and then we did a lot of staring;)

Welcome home our sweet Landry James Menou!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Life Before Landry

I keep hearing that our lives are about to get so much sweeter! We are thrilled and I agree, but with that, I also hear new parents say that they just don't know what they did before kids. I feel like that will be true for us too, so I am writing this to be a reminder of just how sweet this stage of our lives/marriage has been too.

Each of these pictures have stories, moments, and memories behind them. Remembering all of these days before they get even better!

We are so ready to meet you, Landry James!